My name is Richard Carson, the father of, Keith Carson, my partner in this web page that we have decided to establish at this time.  I must admit the whole web page idea is really kind of  his idea, and that it kind of sounded like a good idea and a fun thing to do, since I’ve always been kind of a tech junkie most of my life. I will attempt to keep this biography as short as possible and relevant as much as I can to photography. I was the first born, to Harry & Colleen Carson, in Waterloo, Iowa in 1950, growing up with one sister {Sandy}, and two brothers {Tim & Todd}; I had what would probably be called a pretty normal childhood growing up in the Midwest.  I graduated from West High School, in the spring of 1969, attended one semester at The University of Northern Iowa, which I failed at miserably, guess I just wasn’t cut out for any more formal education. On December 3, 1970, I joined the United States Navy, as an E-3 {due to having one semester of college under my belt}. I was on a delayed entry program for six months, and was off to boot camp in May of 1970, after which I attended Aviation “A” School in Millington, Tennessee, graduated approximately six months later as an ADRAN {reciprocating engine mechanic}. My first duty station was U.S. Naval Air station Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines. I left the states from Travis Air force Base on December 30, 1971, and arrived there January 1, 1972. Only reason I mention this as you probably noticed New Year’s Eve 1971, never existed for me because of the International dateline. I always thought that was really weird how a day could just be erased and never exist.  After arriving in P.I. could not believe how it seemed that I had been sent back in time, it was so different from what I was used to in Iowa. Consequently I purchased my first camera, a Yashica 35 mm, so I could prove to everyone back home what I had seen.  I took a lot of pictures with this camera, and even tried my hand at developing in the base hobby shop, however decided to upgrade to a SLR, so bought a Pentax 35 mm, still have to this day but hasn’t been used for quite some time due to the rising cost of film and developing.
                          Feels like I’m rambling on here so I’ll speed it up a little bit, I found the love of my life, Clarita, Felices in late 1972, we got married in , 1973. Clair had three children, from a previous marriage Caroline, Rolando, and Christy. The only child we had together was Keith, he was born in 1974. I was discharged in 1975, and we moved back to Iowa, on acreage southwest of Dike, Iowa. I worked at John Deere Waterloo Engine Works, until 1980, when I took a leave of absence to rejoin the Navy, took photos all this time with the Pentax in hand. My family and I went back to the Philippines, in 1980, soon after we bought a JVC video camera and portable recorder, probably total weight of approx. 6 or 7 pounds. Also bought a Commodore 64 computer thinking how great it would be to use it for editing video {that never worked so well they did not see the potential I guess} and I started shooting in VHS format and the old reliable Pentax. In August 1984, we transferred to HC-5 stationed in Guam, bought a smaller JVC video camera. I then proceeded to go on three HH-46 detachments with my video gear and ended up filming and editing three 2 hour length movies. As per Navy regulations, we packed up once again in December, 1987, and transferred to NAS Pensacola, Florida. In 1989 the department I was attached to was turned over to a civilian contractor. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be able to transfer over to HC-16, Nas Pensacola, Florida. Somewhere along this time frame we bought a Sony video camera that was all self-contained what a big difference in weight.
                           I was attached to HC-16 shore side {H-1N’s}, one deployment on the USS Inchon, and finished my shore duty tour December, 1990, at around this same time frame I started doing woodworking and have built a lot of furniture and cabinets up to this time. I then transferred to HC-16 sea side {H-3’s}, deployed onboard USS Lexington, for training exercises, for 2-years, at which time HC-16 was de-commissioned.  I had one year of sea duty remaining so transferred to HSL-48 {H-60’s} in Mayport, Florida,{ January 1994-December 1994}. During my tour there I did helo deployments with the USS Spruance, and the USS Cape St. George.  After my one year tour I was transferred back to Nas Pensacola, {January, 1995}. Where we stayed until I retired from the Navy, with 22-years in March of 1996. This last whole time frame I was still shooting with the Pentax, and the Sony video camera.
                       My first year of retirement I decided to go back to Iowa, and help my parents remodel a farmhouse that they had bought in Hardin County, Iowa, in 1994. During the remodeling process I found acreage approximately eight miles west of my parents’ home. Clair and I decided to purchase this home, since we had always loved living in rural America. Having now lived on this quiet peaceful acreage west of Ackley, Iowa, to this day we couldn’t dream of anything else. My mother is an accomplished artist, who mostly does watercolor, and runs her own gallery in the home that we remodeled. My father and I buy, restore and sell John Deere Two cylinder tractors of which he keeps a pretty good size collection at their home. Both of their hobbies are listed as a point of interest by Silos & Smokestacks. I mainly help my dad with the tractors in the summers, so I stay pretty busy that time of the year.
                      We bought our first digital camera in late 1997, a Casio 2 mp, was it ever grainy. We then purchased a Toshiba 6 mp in 1999, which took pretty decent pictures, however went through AA batteries about as fast as I could buy them. In 2002 we purchased a Fuji 8 mp, a small point and shoot camera, which still to this day takes real good pictures with excellent battery life, and no batteries to buy. In the fall of 2010 we purchased a Panasonic {SDR-S26} SD video camera this camera is full HD capable and really shoots awesome video, with excellent shooting time per charge. In March of this year I decided to purchase a Cannon T3 DSLR, because Keith has a Cannon XTI and I thought it really took fantastic photos, and I kind of missed the old days of going out and taking pictures. Not only that it is so easy now days just shoot it and you’re done, no more money on film and developing. Also everything is so computer friendly. I can’t believe we have come so far with photography and computers in the last 40 years. So anyway Clair and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this year and we are very thankful for our life together, that the Lord has given us. Hope you like what you see on our web page and maybe we will see you out someplace shooting your own photos or videos.           Thank-you!
                                                                                                                                                            Rich Carson   


Keith's Biography

My name is Keith Carson, son of Richard and Claire Carson.

I was born in Subic Bay/US Navy hospital Philippines in 1974, my father was in the military so I grew up as a military child.

My life as a kid was exciting due to seeing a world learning different cultures and their lives.
Living in places were a short amount of time was hard to make new friends but going to school I was able to make friends fast.
As a kid I remember my father buying a video camera, It was the coolest thing I've seen, so as I got older, my father taught me how to use a video camera and we would go to places and videotape the things we saw. As I got older I got into different stuff. I did not think about videography in a long time, I was going to school and my favorite subjects were history and art and yes all types of art was in my blood. The days of growing older, my life of drawing was fading. I moved on to become a musician, and in that time I saw my life changing - playing guitar was in my blood, my life playing music was what I wanted, playing in bars and other places. Seeing the people and the places made me feel alive, making people happy with music was for me. In the time of playing and getting older I produced and wrote and played all the instruments that I have learned in my life and put two CDs of my music out there. Then in 2005, I got married and my music career was less, my new life was growing - marriage changes people. My life was different. I was doing all types of different things, playing with a 35mm camera and a video camera, working and just living life. Then in 2008 a disaster struck me. I had a severe stroke and thought my life was over, but as you see I am still here The scare of the stroke made me see life a different way, from what I lost was the hardest thing for me to come back from but I chose to be strong and move on. I worked so hard on getting my life back - working hard on my speech, my leg and my arm, and thinking positive. My family and friends helping is all I had to make me strong. Now I am experiencing my new life in photography. Taking pictures and capturing time is what I like to do seeing the light and images through the lens is exciting. I have photographed a whole new part of my life, capturing the lighthouse in Florida, to the windmills in Iowa, the sunset in Mississippi, to the river in Illinois. My life goes on with my girl friend by my side, my camera hanging from my shoulder, and my family and friends to support me. To Move On and be strong - that is my new life, living every day like it's my last day, and is all I have, your friends and family are always there for you.  

PS my biography is short so I don't lose the people who are looking when the website grows I will extend my biography.